Where the Passion Begins

You Design, We Create

Decorating customer homes, assisting designers and realizing ideas into masterpieces, Legacy Glass gives the designers and decorators the avenue to go beyond and challenge themselves with creative and new ideas to design their clients’ homes, offices and businesses making them stand out. They believe in exploring techniques and challenge the standards.

From a small factory of 10 people 40 years ago to 3 locations and still true to their core, Legacy Glass believes in providing a unique style to each and every space.  Each piece is hand crafted giving it that distinctive touch.


Our mission is to be the most preferred, full-service designer glass solutions provider globally. Strong experience, values and guiding principles are embedded in our business to achieve this goal.


Our vision is to be the most esteemed designer glass supplier globally, delivering top-class innovative products in a timely manner, with the best quality.